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Brisbane Fake Grass vs Real Grass

Grass plays a vital part in making your home space stunning and refreshing. Its natural look makes your space refreshing and clean. When it comes to home decorations, more and more homeowners prefer to plant grass or install artificial grass. Both of them can help in improving your space environment. But, the main question is, which is better? Is it artificial grass or real grass?

Benefits of Grass

Real grass is perfect for the environment. A space with real grass provides enough oxygen for a family to breathe. If you are not aware of its various benefits, compared to artificial, here they are:

  • Reduces stress and improve wellness
  • Purifies air and enhances air quality
  • Reduces home cooling need as it cools themselves and surroundings as well
  • Perfect for home yards to secure your children while playing
  • Excellent for pets while roaming around the yard

Though having real grass at home offers several benefits, not all homeowners prefer to have this in their spaces. To weigh whether real grass is perfect for your space or not, it is also best to check its underlying issues.

Issues with Grass

Having real grass at home vs artificial is not as easy as you think because of its various issues, and here they are:

  • Maintenance – You need to spend a lot of time and effort to keep the space of the real grass effective and stunning.
  • Watering – Real grass needs to be watered regularly to keep them healthy, and thus, you need to allocate enough time to do this.
  • Dying – If not monitored properly, your lawn might die, and your home space looks dull if it happens.
  • Cutting – Having real grass at home requires constant cutting. If not, it will grow and makes your yard untidy.
  • Muddy – This happens during the rainy season. Your lawn appears muddy and makes your pets or children dirty while playing outside.

Above all, you need to add a budget for your lawn equipment and maintenance. It means that having real grass at home requires enough attention, time, and money. If you are quite busy, it is difficult for you to monitor your lawn area.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Having synthetic grass at home can also be your perfect option to improve your spaces. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss installing this synthetic turf Brisbane:

  • Low Maintenance – You don’t need to buy tools or spend more time on grass maintenance if it’s artificial.
  • No Watering Needed – Since it is synthetic grass, you don’t have to water it. Your artificial turfing looks real and fresh at all times.
  • Safe for Kids – Artificial lawns don’t need fertilisers, weed killers, or pesticides that are harmful to your children. Therefore, they can safely play in the yard all day long.
  • No Mowing – With artificial or synthetic grass, you don’t have to hire a mower since plastic doesn’t grow at all.
  • Durable – Synthetic grass can withstand wear and tear for several years. Its colour doesn’t change even if it is exposed to sunlight or too much rain.
  • Pet-Friendly – Artificial lawns are ideal for pets as they are easy to clean, especially when your dogs poop around the corner.

Issues with Artificial Lawn

Though synthetic grass seems so perfect, it also comes with some issues such as:

  • Initial Costing -Artificial grass is quite expensive compared to real grass. However, you can get an excellent deal depending on your preferred artificial turf suppliers.
  • Not a Permanent Grass Solution – An artificial grass may last for a couple of years, and therefore it will not last forever. You have to replace it every eight years or more as it has a diminishing effect as time passes by.
  • Being artificial grass, it reduces the Biodiversity of Your Yard – Since it is made of synthetic materials, artificial grass is not a natural material that flora and fauna can live in.

After knowing the benefits and issues of both real and synthetic grass, it is up to you to choose. Weigh your present environment and see what truly fits your needs.

Synthetic Turf Brisbane

One of the most popular types of synthetic turf in Australia is artificial grass. Because of the city’s unique climate, fake lawn is a natural choice for homes and businesses alike. Typically, people measure landscaping and fake grass choices by the cost of installation. However, artificial lawn is an ideal low-maintenance grass alternative for many people. It’s close to maintenance-free grass once it’s installed. The benefits of artificial lawns are numerous.

Fake grass is environmentally friendly, too. This type of grass does not need to be watered or mowed. Another reason to choose a fake lawn over a natural one is the cost. The price of artificial lawn in Brisbane is often cheaper than real grass. Moreover, many companies produce excellent products with a low grass cost. These suppliers are able to offer excellent deals on lush turf because of their low overheads and strong customer service.

An additional benefit of artificial turf is that it is easy to install. Because of its high durability, synthetic turf surfaces are suitable for a wide range of activities and sports on grass. These grass surfaces are durable, versatile, and great-looking. Aside from the low cost of grass installation, synthetic turfs can also save you a lot of water, and are easy to maintain. Artificial grass maintenance is also very low. There are also dozens of companies that offer grass, and it’s worth considering a local supplier for synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Regular brushing of astro turf is important for maintaining its attractive appearance. Using a special brush, you can fluff the blades of the artificial grass to prevent weed growth. Especially in high traffic areas, brushing will keep the artificial turf looking new. Constant walking on the grass can also compress the filler, which supports the blades. Keeping the artificial filler in good shape is essential for maintaining its beauty. It also releases contaminants. Read this guide to know more about artificial lawn maintenance.

Proper grooming is crucial for synthetic turf or fake grass care. Make sure to use a rake or power broom to clean the artificial turf surface. Avoid dragging snow down to the astro turf. During the fall and winter, you should also keep the windows closed to keep the sun out. This is necessary because strong reflections from energy efficient windows can damage synthetic grass. To protect your artificial lawn from strong glare, use protective films over the outside windows. There is a range of fake grass products to try from.

You should remove food and other materials that can damage the synthetic lawn. Food and water waste can attract insects and pose a safety risk for the lawn. Also, ice cubes can be used to scrape gum from the turf. If your child is playing with the turf, take care to keep the area free from spills. If your children or pets are playing tag on the turf, be careful not to let the spills dry. It will cause damage if allowed to set.

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