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Are you looking for the best quality deck for your house or patio projects consultation? Making changes in your outdoor living conditions can be an arduous task. Expert advice on deck durability and quality is a must if you don’t want things going haywire.

No worries, because we love to give a free deck consultation, with the best Brisbane deck builder, contact us for advice in all decking and outdoor living needs. Moreover, there are multiple experienced deck carpenters on the team who pay extreme attention to detail while getting the job done!

Along with the best house draftsman doing this job and a competitive price, our team will make your dream deck a reality.

Read on to know more about great, durable decking and design in general, as well as the landscaping Brisbane services we provide. As they say, some extra knowledge never harmed anybody!

Brisbane Timber Decking

A deck or decking is a complex process in itself. It refers to the material of a terrace or timber decking platform attached to a house and building. Now, hardwood decks come in a range of designs that customers can take inspiration from.

A quality deck builder team job is way more versatile than what many people would imagine. It definitely is not just an outdoor timber deck, plain wood, and plastic decking, and with our specialised deck builder it will completely change your home. There can be various types of decking, and the article will look into some of the famous new natural and efficient artificially created decks. Decks complement a new landscaping makeover too!

Pine Decks

Treated pine decking is one of the newer options available in the decking timber market. Mainly because of its low cost, quality, and the vast options available in the market. With the affordability, you also get a nice-looking deck, and who on earth will say no to this! A deck builder will love playing with some pine here and there.

The fact that outdoor treated pine decking can take stain and paint conveniently is a huge plus. You can easily customise the look and paint the new deck in any colour, pink, blue, red, as you like! At all costs, the deck builders and buyers must look for the hazard listing to be wary of any outdoor use harms.

You can look at the free efficient services offered by our team to know of the customer options and range of quality custom patio designs available. At Brisbane, we make it a point to pay attention to detail.

The best thing about outdoor pine decking is that you can work with it efficiently. The lightweight factor and the ability to be designed in any way possible are massive plus points for this type. If you need stairs coming off your deck we can accomodate. 

Composite Deck

Composite Decking is simply the amalgamation of a range of construction materials like plastics, wood fibres, along with some bonding agents.

These mixes are first heated, changed into a block, and then cooled later again. The coolest part about composite decking is that it looks great (brilliant colour and quality) compared to plastic options and requires very low maintenance.

Since composite decking involves plastic content, they are relatively durable. They are extremely resistant to rot, insects, and the damp.

This composite is a great deck material for the ones near pools or in a natural space. Customers can paint composite decking in different colours, customising them as you or your family likes.

Merbau Deck

Merbau is a class 1 type of decking timber and probably the best hardwood around for your house. Even termites have an extreme aversion to this decking timber class construction.

Additionally, they will facilitate the patio construction process and ensure the job is completed on time. The high oil content in this decking makes it a competitive option for Australian timber decks.

Our Team Service in Brisbane will help you zero down on the quality timber decks you have been craving for. Your house and outdoor will never be like before!

Maintenance is a must to make the deck extremely durable. Annually oiling your hardwood deck will help the decking materials last longer.

If you contact us, our team can definitely help you shortlist great hardwood decks, colours according to the home space, pool size, or project site.

Fencing and Retaining Walls

Sometimes when building decks the ground is not level, this can cause a large problem and often a retaining wall is needed. At Garden Gods we also offer fencing and retaining walls as a service.

Do I Need Council Approval to Build a Deck in Brisbane?

Yes, guys, If you plan to build a deck in your house in QLD, council approval will be required. This is mainly done to promote both environmental and public safety. Large decks have a series of issues, from land encroachment to soil erosion, which needs to be monitored.

If your deck is in a bushfire forest space, it should be constructed with efficient non-combustible materials. Well, you guys might feel overwhelmed with all the constructions and patios. Our company has treated such matters previously, and we assure you of a smooth approval process. Get a deck that looks great and is approved to the T!

What Is the Best Wood for Decking in Brisbane?

Wood required for decking and design is dependent on many factors. Specifically talking about Australia, the weather plays a huge role. Does the place you live in has a temperate climate, or is it mostly rainy?

Take a look at the environmental conditions under which your deck is built, and then choose the wood for you. The options range from decking timber, teak, spotted gum, grey ironbark, blackbutt, and Jarrah. Our pick would be Spotted Gum for the Australian market.

You can also ask for our professional services to get efficient solutions, the best durable design, and a great price.


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Fencing and Retaining Walls

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Does a Brisbane Deck Add Value to Your Home?

To answer this question in the simplest way possible, yes, it does more than merely adding to your design! A timbers deck can increase the amount of $10000 in your resale value. You must incorporate various features to check how and which wood’s deck will add the most value to your family house design. The space, design, maintenance durability are extremely crucial factors as well.

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